by purchasing any item on our website, you are agreeing to the following terms of service. burn within sight, away from flammable objects,


children and pets. avoid drafts.

do not burn for more than 2 hours per use. allow the candle to cool before relighting. keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch (6mm) to avoid


smoking. do not let wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool. avoid the waxless than 1/2 inch (33mm) from the bottom of the candle.


remove all packaging and decoration before lighting. all candles may drip or bleed. place on a temperature safe surface. 

do not move or touch while candle is lit. 

C O A C H I N G 

You will be required to fill out a Par Q form for your safety prior to any exercise or nutrition advice. Has your doctors ever said that you have


a heart condition and recommended only medically supervised  physical activity?

I understand that I am not obligated to perform nor participate in any activity that I do not with to do, and that it is my right to refuse such


participation at any time during my training sessions. I understand that should I feel lightheaded, faint, dizzy, nauseous, or experience pain


or discomfort, I am to stop the activity and inform my Personal Trainer.

I understand that Kristen Young, Striving for a Healthy Lifestyle operates on a scheduled appointment basis and thus requires that I provide


24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. All cancellations and changes made under 24 hours notice will be charged as a full