I was a home care nurse for 5 years in the capital of Canada caring for the elderly, the young, the sick and the dying. After a coach (Joe Lacroix) changed my body and my life, I moved my career into holistic health, nutrition and fitness for the next 8 years because, some of these sick people I cared for, could have been much healthier if they had only lived life differently. After I studied Nursing with Fleming College, I then studied Exercise Methods with CanFitPro and The Gut Microbiome with University of Colorado.

Transitioning into my 30's, eating well and exercising was no longer enough to keep me healthy, I needed more. 

I was still feeding on self-destructive habits, like restrictive dieting, binge eating and giving my power to anxiety, body image issues and insecurities. Understanding and embracing this became the missing link to what living a healthy lifestyle is truly about.

Thoughts, beliefs, and mindset are the roots of any healthy change.

It was after I became free from societies expectations, I started facing my fears and diving deep into self-discovery and true holistic health, I was then able to lose the weight, manage anxiety and live more in the moment. Now the future is looking beautiful and exciting.

Hi, I'm Kristen!

It's About Nutrition

This is a lifestyle where we listen to our bodies cravings instead of trying to restrict. We find healthy ways to incorporate sweet, salty and savory flavors while fillings ourselves with nutrients that have the power to change our bodies and our lives.

It's About Moving

We move and exercise while we listen to our bodies, giving it what it wants and enjoys. Exercise should include activities that we enjoy so that it is an act of self love.

It's About being Mindful

In all SHL our programs including the best body reset and fitness coaching, we use mindfulness as a tool for authentic change. We also appreciate what is. Once we realize that we already have all that we need, everything else simply falls into place.

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Kristen's commitment and passion for getting fit and living healthy was just the motivation I needed to keep me going through some tough workouts.  She was patient with my limits but at the same time knew when to push.  I learned a lot from Kristen and feel like she has set me up for success in the long-term. 


Leanne Holt

Ottawa, Canada

Working with Kristen changed my life.  Before I came to her, I knew very little about exercise or healthy eating.  I was incredibly stressed and struggling to manage my mental and physical health, and lacked the tools and knowledge to help myself.  Kristen's kindness, understanding and expertise helped me turn everything around. She designed a program to help me meet my goals, and provided constant encouragement to help me get there. Kristen was extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, women's health, and how to manage anxiety and stress.  During my time with her, Kristen gave me the tools I was missing and empowered me to gain control of my physical and mental health. 

Madeline Kloske

Ottawa, Canada

I started working with Kristen a year ago.She helped me get my life on this amazing track. I'm so happy about where I've come and where I'm headed.

Micheala Hickman

Ottawa, Canada

Kristen Young is a godsend miracle worker. She's been my coach for almost 5 years. She turned me into the healthaholic I am today. She was there for me at my lowest times, she empowered me and built me up into who I am today. This has truly been a blessing that has helped me me through some of my hardest periods in my life.

Mira Goubran

Toronto, Canada

Hey you,
I wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session. I feel it redirected me in the right path and motivated me. It was one of the first mornings I woke up ready to conquer.
Thank you , I really want to get a grip on healthy eating once and for all. I also love the documentaries you sent me...
Anyhoo, thank you! I’m blessed to have you in my life xox


Dee Gabrielle

Quebec, Canada