Need A Workout Coach?

Imagine the phone rings...its me, your private personal trainer via video chat!


Time for your live personalized home workout. 


We are interacting in real time, in the comfort of your home and I have a customized home workout just for you. Get ready for a circut workout with will uplift your entire day!


I am going to coach you through the whole experience, step by step. I can see you and you can see me. Get ready for energy, fitness and fun. This will be the best part of your day.


Pregnant? No problem!!! I know how tough pregnancy can be with all the surprises that come up - from fatigue to back and pelvic pain, and more!. Imagine a customized 30 min home workout that is just for you. You don't need any equipment (unless you got some) so grab a few soup cans and lets go!


This is going to help you feel energized throughout your pregnancy.


Get started with a free consultation!


Workout Duration : 30 min

6 Sessions / LIVE Virtual Workouts


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