Goal Map is a jounery in self love.

Are you ready to dream big and open the portals of possibility?


Sure, we all have goals that we want to acheive....but the real questions are:


  • do they come from a place of self love?
  • are they realistic?
  • are they attainable?
  • why do we want these goals on a deeper level?


A goal is only a piece of a large and beautiful picture that we will soon start to uncover bit by bit.


Did our childhood shape our goals? Do we have unconscious fears and blocks when it comes to our dreams? What do we DEEPLY desire and WHY?


That is why I created The Goal Map. This is a Goal Setting Journey created for you to acheive your goals from a place of self love. 



What You Receive


  • 15  Page PDF Journal/Workbook
  • An In Depth Video Tutorial
  • The Goal Map Step By Step Module
  • Monthly Group Growth Zoom Call 


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"Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here" - Mark Twain

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