Updated: Jun 15

THIS 🍹Mocktail...

It’s a new life when you have stressful day and realize that now you can’t have wine, alcohol, Advil, more than one cup of coffee, you can’t use most essential oils or take hot baths or crush a mad workout

My Dr. Said I could have the occasional glass of wine but...that’s a risk I won’t take

So I needed a back up

This fresh mocktail has been my saviour and of course you can add a little liquor if your not pregnant, but for me, I’m going to keep it fresh and simple

1) crush 2 tbsp fresh ginger and let sit in 1/2 cup boiling water for 10 mins with 1 tbsp honey, maple syrup or stevia. Let it cool for 1 hour

2) chop 1 tbsp fresh mint, two wedges of lime and 2 wedges of lemon. Set aside

3) salt or sweeten the rim of your fav glass

4) Add to your cooled ginger tea concoction to the glass with 1 cup soda water, the lemon, the limes and the mint

5) add ice and enjoy



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