This is a holistic goal setting workshop that manifests RESULTS.

This is an e - workshop that includes an instructional article, a goal map template,

and a live video coaching session which will be host by me, Kristen Young.

We are going to set you up for success in a new way. I know we all have goals, we all have things we want, dream and fantasize about. We all have hidden desires set into our conscious and unconscious mind that we need to uncover and investigate in order to move QUICKLY and effectively towards our goals.


We will succeed when we uncover and prioritize our reasons why.


This is exactly what the Goal Map addresses. We explore what is more than just steps to a goal through new habits. It is also a deep exploration of the self. 


In order to set things off in the most effective and holistic way, we are going to get super creative, positive and insightful about setting our goals.


Don't wait, let's get in contact right away.

TheGoal Map workshop

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