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Get back into shape with Me and Baby Girl

Unlimited Online / Virtual Fitness Classes

5 days a week for only 40$ a month!

Up to 3 classes a day

That's 1$ a class





Virtual Classes, Virtual One On One, and In Person options available. Join me and my new baby girl as we sweat and strengthen.


Get ready for energy, fitness and fun. This will be the best part of your day.

Whether you have equipment or not, a fun and energizing workout is what I provide for you.

Workouts can be adapted for new mothers, prenatal fitness, injuries prevention and special considerations.

COMING SOON Spring 2021

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goal map


Do you have a life dream, or a goal that has yet to be achieved? Do you have a part of you that you wish to bring forth into it's full potential?

If YES came up from inside you, then

Goal Map is for you.

This goal setting - self love journey is designed to transform your life into exciting possibilities.


"Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here"


- Mark Twain

COMING SOON Spring 2021

Mobile Phone



I am offering this one on one time incase you have some in depth questions about fitness, nutrition, meal ideas, or how to evolve your healthy lifestyle?


Or maybe you need some motivation with a new, more efficient, fun workout plan?

  • Sessions are conducted via phone or video chat

  • 45 min private call

  • Sessions are followed up by providing tools, articles, information and solutions to meet your needs


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The Best Body


In 2018, I lost 15 lbs by using this nutrition method to heal SIBO (small intestine bacteria over growth)


And I am currently using the Best Body Reset to heal and balance hormones after giving birth and to lose the baby weight! 

I have upgraded this program with two different versions and will be re-releasing it SUMMER 2021 



Kristen Young Fitness Trainer

fitness for new moms


SHL is a place for women and new mom's who are striving to maintain and improve health and wellness in all

aspects of life.


This includes fitness, nutrition,

confidence and balance.

We offer a community of supportive advice, fitness classes, online courses and more

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Hi There

Are you ready

to get moving :)

My name is Kristen

 I am a mother, a fitness trainer, a nursing graduate and a gut health nutrition specialist with over 10 years experience in the industry.

Let me connect with you and I am confident I will motivate you for a lifetime.

The key to living a healthy lifestyle is to make your goals an adventure, your exercise enjoyable and by making your nutrition  habits delicious and balanced.

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