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Coffee on Desk


Hi Beautiful

    Need   Motivation?

Quick Question...

Do need motivation and accountability for your workouts?

Are you struggling to eat healthier?

Do you love chocolate and crave balance?

Honestly, we are in this TOGETHER!

I'm Kristen Young, Personal Trainer, Nurse and Mommy to be.

Through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, I was able to end diet culture, heal and transform my health and body, and so can you...

I come from an overweight family. I was chubby my entire childhood, so I get it.

I am not one of those people with a

"fast metabolism"....


It wasn't until I starting exercising in ways that I enjoy, when I started practising 

REAL LIFE balance & nutrition instead of dieting, that I was able to make lasting change and reset my relationship with food & my body

My Truth

I am here to guide you as you navigate through the sensitive space of nutrition, mindset and personal fitness

My Mission


Build Your Booty FROM home or the gym.

Program includes unique booty sculpting moves that wont BULK your legs. Beautiful instructional videos, warm up and cool down.

Enjoy 5 quick and easy workouts for a 6 week booty TRANSFORMATION

Don'f forget to take before and after pics :)



Imagine the phone rings...its me, your private personal trainer via video!


We are interacting in real time, in the comfort of your home and I have a customized 30 min home workout just for you. You don't need any equipment (unless you got some) so grab a few soup cans and lets go!


I am going to coach you through the whole experience, step by step. I can see you and you can see me. Get ready for energy, fitness and fun.  This will be the best part of your day.

the best body


6 Weeks

6 Coaching Sessions

12 Educational PDF's

Lose Weight

Heal Your Gut

Get A Meal Plan

Grocery List 

Learn The 6 Pillars of Nutrition for Life Long Success 

 "This coaching is so informative. I thought I knew pretty much everything about food. I had never heard of  glycemic load and  your excellent explanation.You truly are gifted in the explanation of how the body processes food. And your beautiful inside and out"

- Rachelle Skully, Best Body Reset Client

"Kristen is an incredible supportive, motivating and professional trainer. Her lessons are well rounded and complemented by useful nutrition tips. Working with her has been extremely helpful for attaining my personal fitness goals. Would highly recommend her to all"

- Jimmy Lou, Virtual Personal Training Client


For healthy lifestyle recipes and articles about balance, food, nutrition and lifestyle



99$ Value

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