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After graduating Nursing in 2004,

I later pursued Holistic Nutrition, Food Addiction & Personal Training

In 2017, I studied the gut mircobiome with the University of Colorado which opened new doors to an optimal

Best Body lifestyle

Through nutrition and mindfulness, I was able to heal and transform my health and body, and so can you...

I had a food and chocolate addiction. I used to numb out Friday nights with wine and cheat meals. I come from an overweight family. I was chubby my entire childhood, so I get it. I am not one of those people with good self control or a "high metabolism".... until I reset my relationship with food 

I am here to guide you as you navigate through the sensitive space of nutrition, mindset and healthy lifestyle

Best Body Reset

6 Pillars of Gut Health Nutrition

Best Body Reset

Striving For Heathy Lifestyle
Years ago I attempted intermittent fasti

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Striving For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Setting goals is the first step in turni

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 "This document is so informative. I thought I knew pretty much everything about food. I had never heard of  glycemic load and  your excellent explanation.You truly are gifted in the explanation of how the body processes food. And your beautiful inside and out"

- Rachelle, Best Body Client


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